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We are unbridled, uncommon, and unmistakably confident.

In other words, we are entirely COVmitted to The Cov and making it an amazing, quirky, eccentric river city. When you engage with us, we roll out the proverbial carpet for you (you name the color because we are not a one-carpet-color suits all kind of place).

We’re open, friendly and really easy to get along with. Whether your business has 2 employees or 202 employees, you’ll get a personal touch from us. We want you to come to The Cov!

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Our Mission

We’re the piston in the City’s engine. We drive the economic vitality of our community by creating and building real and sustainable wealth throughout our neighborhoods. We’re vigilant about preserving and improving Covington’s aesthetic and fostering a desirable (dare we say, “enviable?”) environment and experience for businesses, residents, and visitors. That’s our mission.

Our Strategy

In January 2019, the City of Covington retained Garner Economics, LLC to help create a citywide economic development strategy. “From Opportunity to Action” is not sitting on a shelf in a cavernous basement collecting dust. It spurred us to action. The strategy details the asset development, marketing, and organizational changes that the City, its economic development department, and its partners had to implement. We pushed up our sleeves and got to work and we don’t plan to stop.

From Opportunity to Action Report

Much of the marrow for the City’s strategy lies in understanding Covington’s competitive advantages and disadvantages when compared to the region, the state, and the nation. There are communities with qualities and aspects that Covington aspires to emulate, replicate, or adapt and adopt. It’s good to have role models – and now we’re finding that it’s good to be a role model. Here’s the Competitive Realities Report for Covington. It’s good reading.

Competitive Realities Report for Covington

Impact Reports

2023 Impact Report

2022 Impact Report

2021 Impact Report

2020 Impact Report


We recognize businesses that keep it real in The Cov with five Authenti-CITY awards each year during National Economic Development week. Check out the fun and quirky stories of the previous winners.

2023 Winners

Glier’s Meats Inc.

Richard Webster’s Holiday(s) Extravaganza

Latonia Bait & Tackle

Blank’s Pharmacy

Ray Damico Tailoring

2022 Winners

Riverside Korean BBQ

Lost Art Press

Hierophany & Hedge

2021 Winners

And The Winners Are...

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