Dan Wood

Dan Wood, AICP

Zoning Administrator

Dan Wood is the Zoning Administrator for the Covington, aka, an advocate of good public space and sensible regulation. Dan evaluates how the zoning code is applied and curates adjustments to improve regulatory outcomes. He oversees and approves hundreds of permits, recommends variances, and facilitates text amendments. Between approving developments and writing reports, he takes time to help the public and commercial entities navigate zoning codes.

Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture, a Master’s degree in Community Planning, and a Certificate in Urban Design from the University of Cincinnati, Dan’s academic pedigree helped him to design improvements and direct construction in the Cincinnati Metro for public parks, playgrounds, gardens, and recreation facilities with lasting impact to accessibility and hazard mitigation.

Dan is licensed by the American Institute of Community Planning, volunteers as a member of his HOA, and is involved in the public-space nonprofit, Community Happens Here. Prior to joining the City of Covington, Dan worked for the City Center Development Corporation and Recreation Commission in Cincinnati, Dearborn County (IN) Planning and Zoning and the West Harrison Town Board.