Covington’s Neighborhood Development Code
(aka Zoning) provides the guidelines that regulate development within the city.

It was overhauled in fall of 2020 to make the zoning process easier and more customer friendly.

“We, as architects, appreciate Covington’s Neighborhood Development Code. Covington’s code is by far the easiest to navigate, the best illustrated, and the most nuanced”.

How to Apply

Zoning Permit

Certificate of Appropriateness

Do I need a Zoning Permit?

Yes, almost always.

Zoning permits authorize the use of a building or property as well as the construction of, or an addition to, a building.

A zoning permit is required before a building permit may be issued by Planning and Development Services of Kenton County.

What’s needed to complete an application?

Codes & Guidelines

Neighborhood Development Code (NDC)

Historic Covington Design Guidelines

Board of Architectural Review and Development (B.O.A.R.D.)

Downtown Streetscape and Public Realm Design Guidelines

Find your Zoning District



Covington Public Works

Apply for a right-of-way or encroachment permit

Covington Urban Forestry

Tree mitigation and hillside development

Covington Code Enforcement

Long-term and short-term rental licenses

Historic Preservation

Kenton County Planning and Development Services (PDS)

 Apply for a construction/building permit

Covington Finance

Applying for an Occupational License

Home Occupation Application

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