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All Character and No Chains...

What does that mean? It means small, local-owned businesses outnumber national chains. By a lot. Covington is a welcoming city that offers a diverse and thriving community, and this cool urban vibe attracts the one-of-a-kind small retailers, restaurants and drinking spots that add personality and character of The Cov. We encourage and award authenticity. Each year, we recognize businesses via our Authenti-CITY awards program, and trust us that it’s a fun experience.

“Covington is such a close-knit, supportive community with great business networking opportunities, as well as a large population – and that includes a growing culturally-diverse population -- to support local businesses,” said Chapman. “Covington afforded my family the opportunity to fulfill our economic and social objectives in a niche market. This is a great location to do business and build relationships and connections.”

Entrepreneurship at Innovation Alley

Entrepreneurs will find solid support through Covington’s Innovation Alley, where organizations provide expertise that it takes to grow your idea into a sustainable business. (Companies like Microsoft and Apple started in dorm rooms or garages, so why not an alley?). Here’s what you’ll find:


  • Entrepreneur ecosystem

Creates synergy to move ideas and businesses forward.

  • Inclusive and welcoming

A city where diversity and inclusion is embedded in its core values.

  • City incentives

Designed to assist small and large businesses and developers.

  • Talent Pipeline

12,000 degrees and certificates awarded from Cincinnati metro in related majors.

  • Walkable and Quirky

Intriguing public art, lively events, locally owned restaurants and boutiques, notable bourbon bars all woven together in an historic river city.

Be in good company with a sampling of Covington’s unique retailers and restaurants including:

  • Anchor Grill
  • Bards Burgers
  • Covington Yard
  • Earth to Kentucky
  • Flying Axes
  • Stoney’s
  • Old Town Tavern
  • The Standard
  • Riverside Korean
  • The Roost
  • The Empanada Box
  • Olla
  • The Madison (retro concert venue)

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