Welcome to the
bold side of the river

We take risks. We do what no one expects of us. Covington’s ecosystem flexes a mighty muscle in building and growing strong business success.  We’ve got good ‘bones’: historic buildings, an entrepreneurial spirit, a diverse and inclusive government, an unmistakable confidence, and a don’t-hold-back manifesto. We’ve also got limitless opportunities. Whether you’re looking to start a business or expand or relocate your company, we make it our mission to see you succeed.

map of Covington

Welcome to the bold side of the river, where timelessness meets the ventures of tomorrow. Covington may be a historic river city, but our beautifully preserved architecture isn’t for show, and neither are our rainbow crosswalks. We’re not an attraction, we attract the bold and the best. And with the most diverse and accessible city government in the region, we encourage, support, and retain them, too.

Everything we do is by the Cov, of the Cov, and for the Cov–all character, no chains. Our avenues are lined with locally-owned retailers and restaurants, and our bars flow with Kentucky bourbon. This is where state-of-the art laboratories stand alongside 19th-century gothic basilicas. Where VC startups disrupt markets and family-owned hardware stores turn 100. This is where the past meets progress, where y’all really means all.

We are unbridled, uncommon, and unmistakably confident.


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